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Vision, Purpose & Values

Our Vision#

Where do we all want to go with this? What is the shared vision?

To drive mass adoption of web3.

Our Mision#

What are we doing today that helps us achieve the vision?

We are a community building revolutionary tools that improve developer experience to drive mass adoption of web3.

Our Purpose#

Polywrap is a containerization protocol that brings web3 anywhere and everywhere.

Our Values#

Social Values#

1. Collaboration
We encourage collaboration and knowledge-sharing between our contributors.

2. Transparency
We believe in transparent communication and the willingness to listen to others in the community, even with the conversation is difficult.

3. Ownership
We design pathways to project ownership for all contributors.

Technical Values#

1. Thoughtful Balance
We hold the technical principles of Security, Efficiency, Modularity, and Portability as key concerns to balance in our designs and their implementations.

2. Code Styling
We believe code styling is just as important as its functionality. Our code should have high readability and be self-documenting.

Process Values#

1. Lightweight Processes
We will only introduce processes as-needed and will thoughtfully weigh the trade-offs of each one.

2. Sustainable Velocity
We have a timeline for project milestones that give us time for stable, quality releases but also keeps us accountable for keeping up a healthy velocity.