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Spending Step-by-Step


Polywrap Spending Proposals are required whenever the DAO spends from the Gnosis Safe treasury. The Gnosis Safe page can be found here.


  • Transparent way to show the community what the DAO plans to spend on
  • Allows DAO members to vote on accepting or rejecting the spending the proposal


1. Informal Discussion

The workflow would depend on the type of spending but typically, it would begin with a discussion on Discord about whether the payment is needed. Some proposals, like contributor payments, are recurring and so regular discussions aren't required.

2. Create a Spending Proposal

Once the contributor feels ready to submit their spending proposal, they would post the proposal to the payment logs forum post as well as a Snapshot proposal to be voted on. The links to these can be found below:

3. Snapshot Proposal Both the Snapshot proposal and the payment log would follow the spending proposal template.

The Snapshot proposal will have an "Accept" and "Reject" option for DAO community voting, and will be live for at 24-48 hours from posting.

Spending proposals are less stringent than Polywrap Improvement Proposals (PIPs) and only require at least 2 tokenholders to vote.

4. Payment Processing Once a spending proposal has passed, the contributor would notify the Gnosis Safe signers who would then process the payment.

The forum post is updated with a link to the Snapshot proposal, and any support for the outgoing payment such as nonce number or transaction hash.