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PIP Editors#

The current PIP editors are:

  • Kevin (Discord @keeevin#7783)

RIP Editor Responsibilities#

For each new PIP that comes in, an editor does the following:

  • Read the PIP to check if it is ready: sound and complete.
  • The ideas must make technical sense, even if they don’t seem likely to get to final status.
  • The title should accurately describe the content.
  • Check the PIP for language (spelling, grammar, sentence structure, etc.), markup (Github flavored Markdown), code style
  • If the PIP isn’t ready, the editor will send it back to the author for revision, with specific instructions.

Once the PIP is ready for the repository, the PIP editor will:

  • Assign an PIP number
  • Create a related PIP GitBook entry
  • Create a related discord channel
  • The editors don’t pass judgment on PIPs. They merely do the administrative & editorial part.