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Core Contributor Payments Guide

We believe payment experiences should be simple for our contributors. If you need help during any part of the process, message one of our DAO members in our Discord.


Contributor payments are made in a combination of Stable Coin (USDC, USDT, or DAI) and our DAO's WRAP-IOU token.

Payment is based on the hourly rate that you pick on your grant proposal.

The below table is simply a guideline to help you set your hourly rate.

LevelYears of ExperienceOption 1Option 2Option 3Option 4
Junior0-20.10 WRAP, $500.25 WRAP, $350.45 WRAP, $200.75 WRAP, $0
Intermediate2-40.12 WRAP, $650.30 WRAP, $500.54 WRAP, $350.90 WRAP, $0
Senior4+0.14 WRAP, $800.35 WRAP, $650.63 WRAP, $501.05 WRAP, $0

See an example contributor log here: 2021-07 - Grant Proposal - keeevin

Here is an empty template for contributor logs: YYYY-MM - Grant Proposal - Name.

In order for you to get paid timely for your work, follow the steps below:

1. Get accepted into the DAO as a core contributor#

To get accepted into the DAO as a core contributor, you must successfully pass the job interview for the role you selected. Your interviewer will then put up a Snapshot proposal to vote you in as a core contributor. If the proposal passes, you can then submit your grant proposal, which includes your contributor log.

2. Creating a grant proposal and updating your contributor log#

You'll get paid through Polywrap DAO Grants and you need to keep contributor logs for your work done.

Throughout the month, you can update your contributor log in the Logs category.

To make sure that our team can pay you on time, please finalize your logs by the end of the first week of each month!

3. Getting paid!#

Each month, a DAO operations team member will post up the finalized contributor logs for voting. If the Snapshot passes, the DAO can then process payment for the contributors.