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Core Contributors


Core contributor are those who have long-term projects that they work on. For a list of Polywrap's current core contributors, visit our Core Team page.

This guide will help you understand the following.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Core Contributor#

The projects that core contributors work on are essential to Polywrap's core roadmap. Here are some characteristics of a core contributor:

  • Compensated on a regular schedule
  • Has access to Polywrap's workgroup channels such as #integrations, #operations, and more
  • Works alongside other core contributors on different areas of the project, such as the core toolchain and hub

Expectations from a Core Contributor#

Here are some expectations from a core contributor:

  • Meet regularly with other team members to discuss progress on milestones
  • Log estimated contributor hours and tasks on a spreadsheet
  • Assist other core contributors with their project if they have time

Working Groups (Pods)#

Core contributors are part of working groups or "pods". Each pod has its own roadmap and milestones. To learn more about pods in detail, visit our Working Groups (Pods) page.