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Community Contributors


We welcome and greatly appreciate anyone joining our community to contribute to the DAO! As a community contributor, you have many opportunities to make a big impact on the project. This guide will provide details with the following:

Note: Community contributors work on short-term one-off projects for the Polywrap DAO. If you're looking for longer term projects, consider joining our team as a core contributor.

Introducing Yourself to the Community#

When you join our Discord server, give a quick intro in the #intros channel.

The Community Bounty Board#

The first place to check for opportunities to contribute and be rewarded is the Community Bounty Board.

Creating Your Own Bounties#

Don't see a bounty that fits what you're interested in? You can create your own bounty!

In our #intros channel, let us know what skills you can contribute to the project. One of our team members will reach out to you to determine how you can be a part of the project.

Community Hackathons#

The community hackathons are a way for you to earn rewards and learn more about the project. Our hackathons aren't limited to just developers โ€” in the past, we've had technical submissions like dApps and wrappers as well as non-technical ones like articles, memes, and more. In short, the only requirement is that your hackathon provides some kind of benefit to the Polywrap ecosystem.

Our hackathons are ongoing. To get started, simply join our Discord and visit the #mini-hacks channel to let us know what you're working on. Our team is happy to give feedback and support on your project when we can.