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The Polywrap DAO community handbook is the central repository for how we run our DAO and serves as a way to onboard contributors. It's completely open source and we welcome any feedback.

Handbook Contents#

What is Polywrap?#

Polywrap is a set of developer tools that significantly improves the experience for those building on web3. For a deep dive into our technology, visit our developer documentation.

Here is a talk by one of our original engineers giving an overview of our technology:

Joining the Polywrap Community#

Whether you're a seasoned developer or someone who is interested in learning more about our technology, we invite you to join our community.

The best way to get in contact with us is through our Discord server.

Once you've joined, feel free to drop an intro in the #intros channel or let us know how you'd like to contribute.

You can also direct message one of our server admins:

Discord handleRole
@keeevin#7783DAO Internal Ops

Contributing to the Polywrap DAO#

We're always looking for community members to bring their talent and creativity to build the future of web3.

There are two types of contributors: Community and Core.

Community Contributors#

These are members of the community who are interesting in contributing to the DAO on a short-term project. The projects can be ones that are defined by the Polywrap team or one that you're interested in proposing to the DAO.

For more information on contributing as a Community Contributor, visit our Community Contribution guide.

Core Contributors#

These are contributors who are part of the core team. They work on long-term projects that have detailed roadmap and milestones.

Visit our Core Contributor guide to get started.